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What clients use us for

Data Bureau

Data is indisputably at the heart of all Direct Marketing - if you're talking to the wrong person, you fail. If personal data is inaccurate or incomplete, you could offend and fail.

And we can turn your data into perfectly crafted direct mail / email broadcasts / SMS integrated campaigns. FREE data audit!!

Database Design
From simple literature requests and competition entries to complex mail order and CRM requirements.

Talk to Mediascene about the system you need to drive your programmes. You host / we host / or cloud based.
Accurate capture of names and data. Addresses checked against the Postcode Address File for you.

Making sure captured details are correct at the start, avoids future complaints and lost business when the data is used for communications and marketing.
Database Management & Cleaning
Keeping your data clean, up to date and relevant. Cut out wastage (e.g. postage and literature costs of mailing people gone away or deceased).

Avoiding potential damage to your brand, angry phone calls and sarcastic letters, all of which undermine your efforts.

Mailing House

Advanced personalisation solutions, 4c digital print, POS distribution, print procurement, all your mailing requirements, from a few hundred to millions, we take care of it all.

And this is all within ISO27001 Data Security standards to ensure your data doesn't get "lost", and you don't get into the headlines and receive a large fine !
Data Sortation & Postal Planning
Customers save money as we choose the best posting options for them. We keep tabs on all the best postage deals, so you don't have to.

We also data-clean and update, purge against the MPS, create salutations and (of course) overseas sortations.
Personalisation & Printing
Whether you want to simply address a postcard, catalogue or envelope, print a personalised letter or produce full colour digitally personalised documents and booklets.

We have a cost effective solution for you. We do it day in, day out.
Mailing & Distribution
Whether insertion by machine or hand is required, we pack and distribute your material, on time - every time.

From one letter to each recipient, to varying quantities of boxes or pallets of material to each person.

Door drop / Household Delivery Service packing and coordination is a key area of our service and expertise.

Response Management
& Contact Centre

A response is the first step to any successful sale or communication.

How that initial contact and follow up is managed is crucial to your success.
Inbound & Outbound Services
Inbound: A dedicated contact centre - fully web enabled - means we can receive responses and communications by the channel your customers prefer.

Whether that's by phone, e-mail, fax, coupon, letter, or from your own web site.

Outbound: Projects such as lead generation or qualification, seminar and show registration, list cleaning and database updates.

Surveys and market research as well as direct mail / e-mail follow-up can all be managed by our experienced operators.
Contact Centre
We handle your client queries whether by phone (answered in your name), e-mail, web-form, sms, etc.

More important calls / e-mails are speed dialled / forwarded to your own team - they get the important profitable stuff, we handle the day to day stuff.

Investors in People accreditation ensures our contact centre staff are trained to the highest standards on your behalf.

This helps us achieve incredibly low staff turnover (many of us have been working with the same clients for years, which means we offer an incredible knowledge base and continuity to our clients when their staff turnover!).
Brand Management
Clients take advantage of our skills and experience to make sure every communication we handle on your behalf is a pleasant and rewarding experience for everyone, and the result enhances and reinforces your reputation and brand.

Making sure your prospects get the information and products they want, leaving you free to concentrate your resources on more strategic issues.

Do you get peaks and troughs ? Do e-mail enquires your organisation receive get answered speedily and accurately (have you checked !!), phones answered quickly and professionally ?

Print Management

Once you've taken the decision to outsource your Mailing or Response Management operations, do you really want to keep on having the hassle of getting quotes for print ?

Or chasing printers up ? ensuring delivery schedules are met ? checking quality ?
Join other satisfied customers and have us manage the purchasing process for your mailing material - letterheads, flyers, brochures etc.

And don't forget envelopes - let us have the responsibility for buying the right quantities and types, to ensure you pay the lowest collating charges.

All with the appropriate PPI for the mailing service you're using. Fully recycled or FSC options available.
Response Management
Let us look after the print of literature your customers and prospects request. Our inhouse digital print service means we can help, by printing small quantities of 4c literature for you if you're just about to run out, but haven't quite made the finishing touches to new artwork for an updated version yet.

We'll also order all the packing material for you, check it when it arrives, store it, and let you know when it's running low so you can approve a "top up".
Braille Printing
As part of our ongoing policy to help clients meet and enhance their own social responsibility, corporate governance and inclusion policies, we have extended our print and communication services to include the translation and print of Braille documents.

From letter to brochures; maps to chess games, we provide a comprehensive and multilingual service that is one of the quickest and most competitive services available.

Combine our printing services with our mailing services, and we can print your Braille communications and deliver it free of charge under Royal Mails Articles for the Blind scheme.
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